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Baby Sign Language - Little Hands Express!, Issue #001a -- Baby Signing - Chart Feedback?
June 30, 2009

Hello to all baby signers!

I thank you number one for opening this e-mail message. I know that your time is important!

Second, I wanted to be sure that everyone received your baby sign language chart ok?

Third, could we please get some feedback on these charts so that we can improve on them for you?

1. Are the photos large enough?

2. Are they easy to follow?

3. How many signs would you like (or did you expect) on your free chart?

4. Any other pertinent information or feedback that you'd like to add?

This will help us make it better for you and others who would benefit from this free baby signing chart.

Any feedback (praise or tactful criticism) you could give would be wonderful, and after we modify it to fit your preferences, we will send you the very first newer one free also, if that's ok?

Again, thank you very much for letting us know! It's very important that it's easy to use, and if it's not, that means we have more work to do.

It would mean a lot to hear back from you!

With peace and thankfulness,

MJ, John, Cathy, and Baby Signing Crew

P.S. We are still trying to figure out the software to send your free baby signing email course, and will let you know as soon as we get it all set! Also, before we send it, if there is anything specific you'd like to see in the course, please let us know also and we will be sure that add that for you! Looking forward to hearing back!

P.S.S. The tenth feedback we receive will get a free $25 gift certificate to! Appreciate your time very much!


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