Adoption and Baby Signs

by Kerry
(Charlotte, NC)

Our daughter came home to us at 5 months of age. By 10 months, I was growing concerned about her speech which was very limited and not growing as it should.

Her doctor wasn't overly concerned, yet, because she was babbling and understanding our language; however, our daughter was starting to get frustrated by her lack of language. So, one day I downloaded a simple baby sign mini-poster and began using some signs with her.

A year later, she has progressed a little in her spoken language (added 10 more words, maybe), but her signing is great!

Between the words she speaks and the signs she's learned (and made up a few on her own!), we almost always know what she wants to tell us!

This has given her a sense of control (she can tell us what she needs or wants) and helped her communicate until her spoken language catches up.

I suspect we'll have to rely on some outside help to assist her with her spoken language (the lack of which may be related to some early trauma), but I am so thankful that she is able to communicate with us through signing!

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