Welcome to Little Hands Express'
Baby Sign Language Affiliate Program

How To Get Started Promoting the Baby Sign Language Posters Kit

Thanks again for joining us!

Starting with promotion of our product(s) is easy to do!

So first:

1.  You will need to sign up with Clickbank

If you don't have a clickbank ID, sign up here!

It takes about 1 minute and it's FREE.

2.  Once you have a clickbank ID, send your traffic to:


Replace "YOURClickbankID" in the link above with YOUR ClickBank username (without the quotes!)

Every time someone buys from your special coded link, you'll get 50% on every sale through your link!

So for example: Your Clickbank user ID is   batmanrulestheday

The link:




Please remember to remove everything in red in the link above and replace it with your own Clickbank ID.  :-)

For the Advanced Clickbank user:

If you want to track which pages are making the most referral sales for you - you can use a Clickbank TID in your promotion links.


So for instance, you have a website about babies.  And you have two pages that talk about baby sign language activities, babies and communication, etc. 

So, for instance, let's say that your Clickbank ID is:    ilovebabies

On your page about babies using sign language during activities, you might set up your code on this page to look like: 


And your page on babies and communication might look like this:


When you check your payment stats, Clickbank will tell you which of your pages make the most sales! Then you'll know to send more folks to that page!

Cool, huh? 

If you need any help with this set up, please contact us/our affiliate manager.

Information about Clickbank Tracking can be found here. Hope this helps you!

Wishing you the best on your new affiliate venture!