Allyson Hoban

by Tara Hoban
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

My husband and I decided before our daughter was born that we would try to teach her sign language because we had seen it work for a friend of ours, So when Allyson was born we started right away.

Using your websites baby sign dictionary and a few others we found, we started. By the time Allyson was 9 months old she could sign for bath, milk, and all done.

Now as we aproach her first birthday communicating with Allyson is not nearly as frustrating as it was with her brother when he was a baby.

Allyson now signs Mommy and Daddy, bath, milk, sleep, help, all done, more, drink,
eat, and play. Funny enough she will not sign on demand but instead when she demands what she is asking for.

I wish everyone could know what a difference teaching your baby sign language can make. Thank you for making the information accessable our lives could have been filled with so much more crying if it wasn't for websites like yours.


Tara Hoban

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