Autistic Woman Can "Talk"


I am a caregiver working with a non verbal autistic adult and baby signs has really helped a lot, I and other workers have tried numerous ways to communicate with the lady and nothing worked.

One day when I was volunteering at a day care, a lady was there as a guest and was showing the new moms baby sign language, after work, I went and talked to her about it and got some good feed back on it, then went to the library and the internet and learned all I could about it, I then started showing the lady I work with, we will call her Anna (not her real name),and she really seemed to catch on, she has now started to use it as well, we have taught her the words bathroom, thirsty and help, not much after 2 months but it is a lot more than she was able to do before..
Now we can "talk" to Anna and find out what her needs are..
So if you are working with some one who is special needs, don't give up, there is always a way to reach them, it is just up to us to find that way..
T. Holmes

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Autistic Adult Using Baby Sign Language
by: Anonymous

I work with a non verbal adult that know some sort of sign language.

Well Done - (Sign Language With Autism)
by: Clara

Wow, this is great, I know we use baby signs for our babies and I would not have thought to use it for a special needs adult!

Way to go, I hope that Anna keeps learning and communicating with you and all her workers, it must feel wonderful for her to be able to actually tell you what she needs or wants.

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