Babies and Toddlers Signing at My Daycare

by Aimee

I work in a daycare, teaching 1 and 2 year olds. We found out that one of the children was hard of hearing, so I started signing everything I said during group time.

I also started signing key words and asking them, "Can you use your hands to say ..." I am seeing all the children sign much more now.

The most obvious proof that they are learning is that at the end of every song we sing, the children throw up their hands and make the applause sign.

Now sign language, as I think it should be, has become a regular method of communication, especially for the young children in our center who haven't begun to talk yet.

From the Babies and Signing team
What a wonderful story! It really sounds like sign language has really helped the kids in your center. Thank you for sharing, Aimee!

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