"My First Signs" DVD by Baby Einstein

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Baby Einstein "My First Signs" DVD comes highly recommended! One of the first names mentioned by anyone when it comes to educational DVDs for babies are the Baby Einstein Nursery line of products. Baby Einstein is widely known for their amazing videos and music CD's for infants and toddlers.

Their baby sign language DVD, “My First Signs”, has famous actress Marlee Matlin showing 20 common signs and phrases including:

Mommy, Daddy, I love you, and more..

These signs are also spoken so baby can hear, see, and perform the sign at the same time for maximum retention. The DVD provides real world images, puppet shows, and classical music.

This Baby Einstein Language for Signing DVD would be a perfect addition for your baby's nursery! (This particular baby signing DVD is recommended for babies six months and older.)

With Baby Einstein’s reputation of high-quality products and ample knowledge and research about child development and learning, this DVD would be a great match for parents and children. (MSRP $20)

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