Baby Sign Language - Discipline Your Baby

by Fawna
(Jacksonville AR)

I have comment for the question of the month.

You must stress discipline, especially for a child who seems to have found a way around it.

Tell her very good signing, but the answer is no.

Just like with speaking children you praise them for the effort of the question, but sometimes the answer is no.

There can be no way around it. Saying no to a speaking child will not stop them from asking, I believe that a non-speaking child will be just as repetitive and insistent.

Most children will bond even closer with the parents who set and are consistent with boundaries. No is necessary.

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Baby sign question on the month
by: Anonymous


If you sign it back as a question and then state your answer it acknowledges her request but you stay in charge.

ie if she signs "eat", you can say/sign "eat" with a questioning intonation, or you want to "eat", then add "no eating, time for bed" or "eating's finished (use sign here too) Time for bed".

hope that helps


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