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Submit a photo of your baby signing!

Contributing to this Babies and Sign Language site is a wonderful way to share your experiences with other parents and caregivers. 

Currently, we receive about 60,000 visitors per month and climbing! 

Imagine how many grateful and inspired parents you will be helping every month.  :-)

When other parents are fortunate enough to see photos of other babies using sign language, it helps in many ways:

1. Parents see that it's truly possible for their own baby to learn signs!

2.  Parents see other ways in which babies form their individual signs; making it easier for parents to recognize the first attempts of their own babies using signs. 

3.  These photos are a great way also to show skeptics that this type of communication indeed works!

4.  Baby signing photos are joyful for other babies to view.

5.  Gives you a chance to brag and show off your little pride and joy!  :-)


Submitting a photo of your little signing tyke is easy!

Simply click here to submit your photo.

Then you can: 

a.  Upload your photo straight from your computer to our site, using the "Upload your photo" button


b.  Use or upload your photo to/from (or another similar photo hosting site).  Then simply paste the URL of your photo image into the comments box below.

If you can attach a file or photo to your e-mail, then you can attach it to here!  :-)

Your photo will be added from almost immediately - to no later than 72 hours.  Fun!

Any info that you would like to add with your photo would be wonderful.

Info you may want to add may be (but not limited to):

  • Your first name (or initials)
  • Your darling's first name (or initials)
  • Your darling's age
  • The baby sign(s) that your sweetie is using in the photo
  • Additional comments or words of encouragement for others visiting this site

Don't have a photo, but still would like to submit your baby signing experience? Easy! Just click here..

Show your pride and joy!
Please submit your baby sign photo!

Were you lucky enough to catch your signing cutie pie on camera?

Or do you have a video? Perhaps a Youtube video you'd like to post here of your little one using baby sign language?

We'd LOVE to see the sign she or he is performing! It's easy to submit, just check it out right below. :-)

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