Baby Sign Language - SO MUCH TO SAY "BUT I CANT TALK"

by tanya mcredmond
(melbourne victoria)

Well jake is two and a half three in November. he isnt talking and he was getting frustrated trying to express and trying to talk but he couldnt talk.

Then one day i asked Jake if he wanted a drink and he nodded no and done his sign for 'dummy(which is to tap were his dummy gets clipped to on his chest).

I understood straight away.i waited a bit and asked if he was hungry putting my hand to my mouth and pretending to eat he replied yes and a drink putting his hand to his mouth and making a sipping noise.

As months went on we were comunicating with each other and we now alot more signs know, it comes natural after a while.Jake has fluid in his ears we found out but that shouldnt interfear with his speach.

My cleaver toodler Jake
Tanya from melbourne,Vic

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