Psychological and Emotional Benefits of Baby Sign Language

Image of baby looking thoughtfulAnytime you can communicate clearly, a conversation is more fruitful.

When a conversation is one-sided, or you cannot express yourself in a way that delivers a message properly, the experience can be aggravating.

To make it worse, the message never gets conveyed. That is the identical scenario that typically occurs between parent and infant. The infant cannot speak the words so the parent doesn’t understand the message. Baby signing can correct that problem, creating many psychological and emotional benefits through the use of Baby Sign Language.


Infants Have Feelings, Too!


Most everyone knows infants are emotional. They cry and laugh and scream and whimper to express various emotions. When the noises don’t get the effect they intended, the noises are varied or get louder. Infants like attention. It is just one of the ways they explore their impact on other people.

The psychological and emotional benefits of Baby Sign Language include giving your infant a means of expressing emotions in a way that gets an immediate, correct response. This is quite satisfying to an infant, baby, and/or toddler. When a baby wants something and you hand it to them, the pleasure he or she expresses is adorable. It produces a smile that lights the world.

Baby Sign Language lets an infant communicate clearly. This means Baby can express feelings in a beneficial manner and this is emotionally satisfying. Infants that are less frequently frustrated do not cry as much, nor do they have as many tantrums.

This is not to say that baby sign benefits make a child a perfect angel. It just means that feelings of anger resulting from the inability to communicate do not occur as often. Research has indicated that infants and toddlers who can use sign language have fewer incidents of unwanted habits such as biting. Happier babies turn into happier toddlers able to express themselves in the right way.

Infant Sign Language Boosts Confidence

Infants that learn Baby Sign Language gain other psychological benefits. For one thing, confidence and self-esteem are improved. Sometimes we may need reminded the fact that babies have confidence issues just like adults. For an infant, confidence is developed through successful interaction with their environment.

A child learns through experimentation. So when a child can sign their feelings, emotions, wants, or need and get satisfaction, their confidence increases. This confidence building is important for a child’s psychological and emotional development. It also can make a difference in their performance at school in a few years.

When an infant can communicate by using Baby Sign Language, another psychological benefit that occurs is improved social skills. A baby learns through sign language how communication works. Sign language encourages a wee one to share thoughts. It enables a baby or toddler to participate in conversation. It also lets babies use gestures in a productive manner.

Finally, one of the nicest benefits of teaching an infant Baby Sign Language is the fact it is fun. An infant enjoys learning and games. Once the first sign is learned, infants eagerly soak up more and more. It creates playful interaction between infants and parents.

The psychological and emotional benefits of Baby Sign Language are numerous. Baby sign benefits strengthen the bond between parents and infant, and do it in a fun way!


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