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Baby Signs with Tracy

Details: Parent Workshops, Play Classes and Early Childhood Educator Trainings held in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding area.
Fees: Fees vary.
Discounts? Yes.
Parent Workshops and Play Classes are held at BryanLGH Medical Center. Call 402-481-8300 or 402-617-0669 for more information. See the Baby Signs(R) Article in the Lincoln Baby Steps Magazine!
Contact: Tracy Ostrander
Phone: (402) 617-0669
7334 S. 21st
Lincoln, NE. 68512

Kelly’s Little Signers, L.L.C.

Instructor: Kelly Robson
Phone: (402) 210-4464
Omaha & Lincoln NE

Actions Speak: Connecting Adults and Children
Through Sign Language

Instructor: Angie Siders
Phone: (402) 933-3035
Omaha NE

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