Baby Signing Helps Significantly With Reducing Frustration

by Mariela
(Anaheim, CA)

I started teaching my baby sign language since she was 6 months old, I taught her all done and more.

She didn't sign at the beginning, but I kept showing her anyways.

By 9 months she started signing and is learning more and more signs.

When she turned 1 all of a sudden she began to have tantrums for no apparent reason. She would throw a tantrum just because she would get stuck while pushing her toy stroller.

I started teaching her how to sign help and the tantrums (for that)stopped. As she throws tantrums I teach to sign what she wants and in 3 or 4 times of me showing her she picks it up.

Signing has been a life saver because it's helping me communicate with my little girl and to avoid tantrums. I would recommend to all parents to teach sign language to their children.

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