Baby Signing in Europe

by Evelina
(Rīga, Latvia, Europe)


My name is Evelina and I am from Europe, from Latvia. I'm mother of two - a girl Adriana Meredith (26 month old) and a boy Nicholas Caleb (10 month old).

I was visiting USA in 2004 when I first saw a baby signing, he said to his mom "more", "eat" and "thank you" and I was SO surprised and impressed that I thought - when I will have kids on my own I would like to teach them sign language.

So now when I have them I am trying to use it. I started with Adriana when she was ~7 month old and with Nicholas I started when he was 9 month old. I was so happy when Adriana first responded me and signed, that was on June 2009 and she was 13 month old.

Her first sign was "more". It was interesting how quickly she started using signs shortly before she was 18 month. I
have read how quickly other kids start signing but I guess I didn't use signs so often.

One of her favorites sign was "let's go out for a walk". :) And it become so easy when she started to sign things she wanted to eat "milk", "cheese", "bread".

I was using resources on your web page and on Latvian sign language page and I have to say than Canadian and American sign language looks easier than Latvian.

Our relatives where very impressed when Adriana "talked" to us with signs. Though interesting that now when I am teaching/talking to Nicholas using signs Adriana is watching as for the first time. :)

Maybe she will start using signs again while talking to little brother.
Thank you for what you are doing and thanks for this contest I really hope to win and to get some resources :) and I hope you can understand my English. I was trying to do my best. :)

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Never Saw Two Children Signing ASL Signs At the Same Time?
by: Megan G.

Wow, that's an amazing story you told us and both of your children sign. I have not heard of brother and sister babies both signing, and seems that Adriana even understands more the 'second time around'.

Nicholas is lucky to have you as the parents signing with him and his sister, and also the extra attention from his sister and how they can both communicate together with each other as well.

I wonder if this means they will be very close later on?

Great experience, very cool!

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