Baby Signing is Learning for Both of Us

by eRica

My Baby Sign Language Story

This is eRica, 22, from Singapore, with my son, Daven, turning 2 this September.

I first learnt about the benefits of baby sign language from our local library. But at that time, I was still thinking whether I should introduce signs to him.

But what really surprises me is this! One day, we went to the zoo together, and they were having this elephant show posters everywhere.

I didnt notice it until Daven was pointing to his nose, and breathing in hard.

At first, I didnt get what he was trying to say, and asked him what was wrong with his nose. He just did his sign again and point to the elephant poster! He was about 11 months old then.

It was then I realised that everytime I talked to him about an elephant, I would point to my nose and tell him elephant has a long, long nose.

Babies and Sign Member Response:

eRica, what a great baby signing story! Thank you SO MUCH!

This also happened with us - when our 9 month old would finish his bath, he'd come to me immediately and place his first finger part way into his mouth and then twist his hand and finger.

We noticed that he'd do this every single night after his bath and getting his pajamas on. LOL I think it took us about two weeks to realize that he was telling me that he just finished 'brushing his teeth'! :-)

Babies are truly amazing, sometimes we just don't realize that they are truly thinking and wondering!

Your Daven has proven this, huh? :-)

Thanks again for sharing with our readers this wonderful baby sign experience with your little darling!

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Happy Signing!

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