Baby Signing Is One More Tool In My Parenting Toolbag...

by Susan

I relay a few stories of my daughter getting excited when I used a sign instead of just asking if she wanted x or y, because she realized that we could understand each other.

She also has begun speaking already (around 11 months, now 13), and is a VERY clever, vocal child.

I also remind them (skeptics) that children who crawl still learn to walk...they aren't satisfied with just crawling; on the other hand, children who DO skip crawling tend toward learning difficulties later.

I feel the more skills we teach our children and the more tools we put at their disposal can only enable them to develop even better ones.

Babies and Sign Team Say:

Susan, thank you! And you are so right, baby signing is simply another terrific, assistive device for our accomplished milestones.

Thank you again for your helpful contribution to help other parents who may face this!

Happy Signing Always!
Babies and Sign Team

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