Baby Signing with Ethan

by Amanda Wilson
(Bridgeton MO)

My son Ethan has had many ear infections that hinder his hearing at the time of them so as an infant I started signing to him and he has picked up quite a bit of it.

So now instead of throwing a fit for something he signs to me what he wants and can even tell me his ear hurts when it does and I know to take him to the doctors again.

It has been very helpful for me. Plus if something where to happen to his hearing later in life he already knows the basics so it will help him. Ethan is 14 months old.

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Baby Signing! Good for you!
by: Holly Miller

I'm glad you have sign language to communicate with Ethan. It's wonderful to be able to sign with pre-verbal babies.

I hope your son's hearing problems clear up, but I'm glad you have tools to help him until they do.

Holly Miller

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