baby/toddler discipline and signing

by Letitia

This sounds like a real delimma for a parent who wants to encourage signing, but nnot misbehavior.

I suggest that you encourage her signing by praising her for using the sign, but follow up with a firm no to the request.

Your praise wil be enough reinforcement to keep her signing even when the answer to the sign is no. you may even be able to explain verbally or by signing that you understand what she is saying, but that she is not allowed to touch that or have something to eat at bedtime.

It is important that you not let her signing become a way to manipulate others as it sets her up for trying to find away around the rules instead of accepting them.

Manipulation can become a bigger problem later in life for kids causing them to have difficulty in social and educational situations.

You will be doing your child a favor by encouraging the signing, while still setting limits.

This will help her accept that her ability to communicate does not mean that she gets everything she asks for. Good luck.

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