Benefits of using sign language with your baby

Here are some benefits of your baby learning just a few basic signs at home:

  • Facilitates communication between baby and caregiver

  • Strengthens bond between baby and caregiver

  • Promotes brain development

  • Babies who sign can communicate their needs earlier than those who use spoken communication alone.

  • Allows your infant to initiate conversation

  • Allows your infant to clearly communicate specific thoughts

  • Gives your baby a strong sense self-sufficiency, independence, and confidence

  • Lessens the pointing and 'unh' 'unh' that comes with pointing at objects

  • Builds your baby's confidence

  • Refines motor coordination and spatial reasoning skills

  • Strengthens vocabulary and grammar skills

  • Increases I.Q.

  • Stimulates linguistic and literacy skills at very early age

  • Signing children have an increased interest in books!

  • Motivates your baby to speak earlier!