How to calm your fussy, crying baby

It can be both heartbreaking, yet frustrating not to be able to calm down a very upset baby. We want badly to help our sweetie, but what is the best way to do so? Try these tips for quieting your crying baby.

How do I help my screaming, crying baby calm down?

There are many different ways to calm your baby. Here’s just a few:

  • If your baby uses pacifiers, let them suck on a pacifier or their/your thumb.
  • Make sure you keep your baby close to you. Snuggle him! Babies love a caring touch.
  • Move, move, move! Babies enjoy being rocked, going on a walks in a stroller, or even taken for a car ride. Getting them out of the house and into fresh air is a good anyway!
  • Try burping him. Maybe he’s just a bit uncomfortable.
  • Provide some quiet time. Put him down for a nap, but just be ready for a few minutes of crying before he drifts off.
  • Put on some music. It doesn’t have to be a nursery rhyme compilation; one of your favorite CDs might do the trick.
  • Give Baby a bath. Parents, depending on their children, will completely support this as a method to relax them, or completely reject it. You know your baby best. Try a warm bath with chamomile. If your baby doesn’t calm down almost immediately, there are many other options to try. But if this does work, you both will love it!

If you are frazzled by your crying baby, use a support tree

You can or may become easily frustrated with a fussy baby. Remember, if your baby cries incessantly, it doesn’t mean you are a bad parent. Taking a break before you lose your cool definitely DOES NOT make you a bad parent either; it makes you a responsible one.

It may be hard, but don’t blame yourself if you need a break from your child’s crying! You totally need and deserve the break. Temperaments vary from baby to baby, parent to parent.

If you feel your patience start to slip, contact reliable friends, neighbors, nannies, and family members and ask them if they can give you a little break. Most grandmas especially love calls like this. *smile* Keep their phone numbers handy along with a crisis hotline and your doctor.

If you need help and have run out of patience, place your baby in his or her crib or another safe place and call someone for support! Please remember to never use force, not even the slightest bit, to try to quiet your child.

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