One More Step!

Please CONFIRM Your Baby Sign Course Request

Yep!  It's almost on its way!  Should be in just a few minutes, if not several seconds! 

Before our course software provider will send out your 5 Day Baby Signing courseyou will want to confirm that we have the correct email address to send it to, and that we indeed have your permission to do so.  (This sorta bites for us who reaaaaaaalllly wanna start this course like YESTERDAY, but this helps make sure that a person on naughty hijinks may have submitted your email or someone could have typed it in my accident, with their e-mail being just a letter or number shy of yours in comparison!  So, point is, one never knows, so this confirmation system is to keep everyone's email safe and sound. 


Please check your e-mail.  The Subject line of that message will say something like: Jenny, Please Activate Your Baby Sign Language Course; Response Required..

See image below:

Once inside this message, you will see the confirmation link required to get your free course.

You will need to click that confirmation link which talks to the software permssion system and all that other techie mumbojumbo... ;-) But by clicking that link, it will instantly activate your baby signing course!

Depending on your e-mail provider, it will look something like this:  


After you click that link, you will get another message confirming your confirmation, ha! 

Gotta love software...  ;-)  This message will also welcome you.  :-)  

By the time you finish your brief intro and welcome into your course, you will then get Day 1 of your course sent to you within the next 3 to 30 minutes. (This may all sound a bit crazy, but really this all happens in a matter of seconds..  As soon as you confirm the first message, you're on your way!) 

Hope you enjoy the Baby Sign Language eCourse! 

Happy Signing!  Wishing you the best always!

MJ Williams, J. Rasch, L. Dale Hagerty, and Little Hands Express Team 

TLDR?  There is one step.  Simply hit the confirmation link in your first email message we send you.  Your course will begin very quickly after you confirm that you'd like access.  :-)


[Note*  If anything takes longer than this, or these messages don't arrive to your inbox, please first wait a full hour, just to be sure that your email ISP has caught up on everything. And in the mean time, you will want to be sure that you typed in your email address correctly. And if everything on that end seems peachy, then please send us a message so we can see what's going on with the software! And we'll have you up and learning in no time!]

Thank you again for signing up for our baby sign language course!  I truly hope it's everything you need to get started.  And of course, any and all feedback is welcome.  Thank you again!  Happy Signing! 

Ok, now remember to go confirm your course so you can get started immediately!