Daddy Time

I get to work an hour late once a week so I can join my wife and daughter at our Baby Fingers class in NYC. It's one of the best hours of the week... I see my baby socializing with other babies, and she's really gentle with them! She loves being around them. The teacher is fantastic at facilitating the socialization while keeping the babies immersed in the music and intrigued by the sign language. We're all learning together, it's great.

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Hiya Signing Daddy!
by: MJ

Thank you so much for your comments on learning sign language with your daughter and wife as a family!

You are right, also, that classes such as baby signing are wonderful for infant and toddler socialization!

Your daughter is very lucky.

Please keep us updated with your progress! We'd LOVE to hear it!

Any proud pics would also be fabulous!

Happy Signing!

Thank you very much for your support and encouagement to other Fathers who are considering signing with their babies.

With peace, gratefullness, and sincerity,


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