Dancing fingers

by Jeanelle Paddock
(15 Hawkwood dr nw,calgary, ab, canada)

Life is full of surprises. My little baby boy is full of them. As a first time Mom I bubble over with glee every time my baby showed me something new. This day was particularly special.

It was the first time he was communicating with out a cry.

As we all know babies do not have the capability to talk when they are born but boy can they cry. Their is nothing more stressfull some days than a crying a baby you cannot understand and calm.

I decided since I had heard about baby sign language and how successful it could be in helping babies communicate their needs and wants I had to find out more. So the journey began. Off to the library I went to find books and search online for local courses.

In the beginning I really felt I was signing just for me. Baby never really responded or acknowledged my hand motions unless it was grabbing at them in thoughts that this was just a game.

So, after months of learning and using what I'd learnt I gradually used signing less and less with my precious little boy.

We were sitting down for dinner one evening when suddenly my husband and I saw our little boy make a hand gesture. To our amazement our little boy was telling us he was hungry!

While sitting in his high chair our little boy was signing with his little fingers. His little fingers danced towards his mouth to tell us he wanted to eat. Over and over again he motioned the sign.

It was amazing, our little boy had been watching and learning. Over the next few months he surprized me with other signs he'd learnt even though I'd used them months ago.

Now we sign all the time and my little boy will sign with the words he is now speaking.

There are time's when our little boy is still learning to pronounce words correctly and signing is helping him communicate more effectively.

We all love to dance our little fingers and communicate at the table which is helpful when at a busy restaurant.

It has been so much fun and has really alleviated some of the frustrations of not being able to find the words at times since there is still so much to learn yet for my little boy.

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