Deaf Child in Ireland Im looking for ISL

by Aoife Fitzgerald
(Killiney Co. Dublin and Cranny Co. Clare)

are there any on line learning facilities for ISL irish sign, my nephew is deaf, and I am trying to learn sign, but find that isl is not easily accessed on the web, do you have any suggestions, my email is fitzaoifeatyahoodotcom
Aoife FitzGerald

Note from editor: Hi Aoife! Thank you for your question! We do have a page here that has resources to most international sign languages, but so far it appears as there is no free Irish Sign Language online browser - yet.

Further current research has brought these results:

You may also want to try Amazon for Irish Sign Language books, eBay, and check on Yahoo Groups to see if there are any Deaf Irish groups nearby.

Hoping this helps get you pointed on a great path!

Babies and Sign Team

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