Discipline and signing - baby sign language

by Marilyn Burden
(Three Hills, Canada)

Very quickly she needs to also learn the sign for "all done" !

If we say "no" to our children verbally do they stop talking? No way - neither will she stop using signs when you tell her "all done".

And this can be used to be all done drinks, all done food, all done what ever you don't want to continue.

It worked great for our son, and he also has Down syndrome, but understood very quickly how things work.

When she uses "more" or "help" when you don't want her to do that, remember the sign for "no", "stop", and then distract with some other activity.

She'll get the idea what is expected very quickly.

Note from the editor: Marilyn, thank you so much for this awesome advice! With our son, we never used the word 'no'. We always told him "leave it", or "whoa dangerous!" and/or distract him. You are right to keep it as positive as possible! Thank you for your feedback!

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Baby Sign Language Using Simple Rules
by: Anonymous

Tell hear that you think she is very clever for

making the correct signs and telling you what she

wants, but that it is bedtime so she has to go to

sleep or that she is not allowed to touch those

things even if she wants to.

"no" is not punishment for signing, just as it is

not punishment if the child does not sign, it is

simply a way of teaching the child some simple

rules. Be strong and patient!

Good luck from Norway :-)

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