Foster Babies and Sign Language Benefits

Sign Language has saved our lives! We used signs w/ our daughter util she was two.

Up to that point she was virtually silent. We kept those signs in our back pocket. Although she remembered more than Mama and Daddy did!

we recently became foster parents to a little 18 month old who has never been encouraged to speak, although perfectly able, he is now developmentally delayed and VERY frustrated at times.

We pulled those signs out of our back pocket and several off of your site and away we go.

He now in 10 weeks has 13 signs!!! He is sooooo much more content and his frustration level has decreased tremendously!

Thanks for all the resources!


Note from Babies-And-Sign-Language Editor:

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring story! We are very happy to hear that this site has much benefits to you and your growing family!

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