Hands on Learning Via Sign Language

by Leona Peardon
(Prince Rupert, BC)

The father of my children is Deaf, so our children learned sign language from him. My daughter's first sentence was "Daddy, I want milk", later when she could speak, it was "Mommy, I want milk". Both my sons learned to sign from an early age. They used to tell us when their diapers are wet, when their hungry or tired, whether they want Mommy or Daddy.

Later, my son's grade 3 teacher was teaching basic sign language. She mentioned that alot of students have trouble with oral language, they can't spell certain words. I said that sign helps my kids, especially with spelling, they could finger spell better than oral spelling. The grade 3 teacher said "that is right!" A few months later, she said she noticed a big improvement in spelling... finger spelling.

Many of the parents in my Infant Development Program use sign language with their babies and infants. I encourage them and teach them Baby Sign Language. They find it less frustrating when their babies can communicate their needs.

If I win the DVD I will use it in the IDP and share with parents of babies and infants.

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