Hands to chest - What is this sign?

Our baby is hitting her chest with both hands pals open. We know she is learning sign language in day care but. Have no idea what this means if anything. On vacation, so can't ask the daycare.


From the Mama Signs Team

Sometimes our little ones can come up with some amazing variations on the signs they learn! The two signs that we can come up with that your little one is trying to sign to you are "happy" or "get dressed".

"Happy" is signed with both hands. Open palms face in, the elbows are stuck straight out. The palms brush upwards on the chest, move out slightly, then down. Then the motion is repeated a few times. The movement comes from the elbows, not the shoulders or wrists.

"Get dressed" is signed with open hands, palms down. The thumbs brush high on the chest, downward, several times. The hands are relaxed.

Hopefully this helps!

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