Helping herself with Toddler Sign Language!!

by Patricia Gosman

My 22 month old daughter loves to use sign language. I was concerned about her lack of ablility to tell me when she wanted something.

The pointing and crying was too much to handle and I felt inefficient as her mom when I couldn't understand what she wanted.

I had First Steps come in and they said that she was very intelligent but that I as her mother took such good care of her that her cognitive skills were lacking because she didn't need to use them.

I was suiting all her needs fine, but I wasn't allowing her to be independant enough. So we starting working on sign language and now things go much smoother.

Instead of her crying and running to the kitchen she simply signs, and says more and says juice. I was amazed at the fact that once we starting signing words she started speaking much clearer.

I was concerned that if she knew she could express herself with her hand she wouldn't want to talk. That was not the case indeed.

We sign our signs in the store and it's helpful to me because she can sign her favorite foods and it helps me remember my list!!

She has even started teaching her friend Lilly to sign. Lilly at 28 months is picking up very quick and her mom sometimes has to ask me what Lilly is asking her.

It is a wonderful skill and I recommend it to anyone that just simply wants help understanding their toddler...or give them them a skill that will help them help others and overcome obsticles that we as adult have trouble with at some times.

Languages are a tool to take with you everywhere. Im very glad I could help my daughter help herself.

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