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Sign language is becoming increasing popular in multiple areas of society.

Many parents, teachers, daycares, (and more!) are researching and even studying all that they can to learn and start implementing this phenomenon.

Signing is being used to stimulate and develop language interaction between parents and infant, provide alternative communication for various professions and hobbies, and offer language and cultural education for students.

All three of these are wonderful reasons to incorporate sign language into an educational curriculum!

Homeschooling can be both delightfully and magnificently supportive by utilizing sign language learning. Wondering how to get started?

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding sign language in the home-school environment:


At what age should I teach sign language to my child?


    A picture of boy drawing with a crayon while signing and being home schooledSign language is fun and easy to learn at any age…it is never too late!

    Early benefits to signing with a child include stimulation of speech and language development, as well as earlier communication and decreased behavioral problems.

    Sign language is a wonderful educational tool for young children because it exercises and develops structures in the brain that are used for language and reasoning.

    Adults also report numerous benefits from learning sign language. Sign language is not only appropriate but beneficial for all ages.


What are the benefits for using sign language as a teaching tool?


    Sign language is a wonderful resource in the classroom – from preschool, kindergarten, and beyond.

    Sign language reinforces auditory skills by adding visual and kinesthetic input. Signing also stimulates connections in the brain and provides a secondary avenue for conceptual understanding to occur.

    Sign language also improves spatial skills that are important for solid reasoning. There are so many cognitive benefits to learning sign language!


Does sign language count as a foreign language credit?


    Yes! Sign language is gaining popularity as a foreign language credit for many reasons. It is easy to access information about sign language. There are books and courses available through local libraries and organizations. Sign language is also connected to a rich and easily accessible culture. There are Deaf organizations and events in almost every city.

    A picture of a mom and a three year old learning from a home schooling book

    There are also wonderful videos and documentaries pertaining to Deaf culture that are available both online and in local stores and libraries.

    When looking into sign language as a foreign language credit, it is important to know that there is a difference between learning signs in an English word order and learning American Sign Language.

    American Sign Language, or ASL, is a unique language with its own set of grammatical rules. It is not universal, and it is very different from English and other international signed languages!

Are there other reasons to incorporate sign language into my homeschooling curriculum?


    Yep, of course! Learning sign language can be a wonderful socialization opportunity for home-schooled children. Simply becoming involved in a local sign language community can boost the social confidence of your child and provide a bonding experience for the whole family!

Where do I find resources?


    There are numerous resources available online and in libraries and stores across the country.

    Many websites provide free dictionaries and lessons. Other websites sell sign language curriculum(s) that are specific to home-schooling.

    Because sign language is a visual language, many lessons are available on video and DVD.

    There are also community classes and Deaf culture events available locally. The creative signing opportunities are beneficially endless!

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