How to compromise with little one

by Janet

Hi; I have a 23 month old who loves to get and explore things out of the cupboards. It is fine when I have the time to watch her but when I have to cook or something we could get into some great crying fits.

I finally came up with something that works for both of us. I let her go up there but I give three seconds to get what she wants and then she must go back down again.

It took a couple of tries. Like if she didn't get what I was saying I would count to 3 slowly and then put her down regardless if she found anything.

After a few tries she understood that mama was cooking and this wasn't a great time to explore and is now able to find what she wants in 3 seconds is happy.

It's like we have a new game and there is no crying. As for the getting her to sleep at night... My husband and I worked out that he leaves and has his tea in his workroom for about a half hour or so Hannah and I can turn everything off(she gets to turn off all the lights)

My daughter and I go through the house and say goodnight to everything and that seems to work. So there is nothing to excite her.

It seems to work.

My husband is then able to come back and turn everything back on. I hope this might help.

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