I had no idea my toddler could sign!!!

by Nathalie
(Montreal, Qc)

Jeremy started daycare at 11 mos but we changed daycare when he was about 16 mos old.

He is 21 months old. He started his vacations 5 days ago and i kept seing him repeating the same gestures over and over again.

I knew a couple of signs (milk, more, diaper, no, yes) and thought to myself : This can't be a coincidence. So I called the daycare and asked them : Are you teaching Jeremy sign language?

And of course they are!!! Since Jeremy started later that year, I never got the information but sign language is in their program and I wasn't hallucinating: Jeremy was asking "more milk".

Children do use sign language!!!

[Editor's Note: Nathalie, how wonderful to hear! And what a blessing that you already knew a few signs to recognize what little Jeremy had to say! We'd LOVE to see a picture soon, of Little Jeremy using his signs! Thank you so much for posting this encouragement to others here reading your surprising success! :-)

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