Toddlers Activities that are FUN and EASY to do

by Lee Stevens

Toddlers activities should be FUN and simple...Oh and cheap as well is good.

So get some really great toddler activity ideas here that will cost you very little or even better completely FREE. So check out these preschool activities just below.

Toddler stories

Toddler stories cover a whole range of fun stuff. Kids just love to get involved with the stories often stopping you to ask questions "why this and why that".

Photo of a mother reading with her blonde toddler son with other books on the floor.

You can buy toddler storybooks that are written specifically to be "interactive stories for kids". They have places where your little one takes a turn and adds to the story. Really good fun when they get the hang of it, and that doesn't take long believe me.

The art of storytelling Some people just seem to be natural born storytellers. Making all the faces and noises in the right place. The rest of us need some storytelling tips so find out what things you need to do to become a good storyteller.

Music activities for kids

I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that music is such an important part of early child development. All the way from singing nursery rhymes to Christmas carols. Toddlers just love to have a go even when they are not sure about the words.

Picture of cute toddler girl, white shirt and jeans, wearing music headphones, singing holding her toes

Then you have a toddler craft making some simple musical instruments of their own. When it comes to toddlers' activities this is a real favorite. Making these simple musical items then playing them for your enjoyment (ear plugs at the ready).

Free kids music is everywhere these days such as on their favorite TV shows. You can also find free music downloads on many kids websites. Some stuff you will have to pay for but most costs very little.

Musical games for toddlers is a real fun activity for little ones. These toddler games are best played when there are a few children around, such as at kids' birthday parties. Games such as:

  • Pass the parcel

  • Musical bumps

  • Musical statues

  • Let's Pretend

  • toddler art activities picture, shows cute little boy wearing face painting, orange white and red, with his hands outstretched and a mock scary face

    Kids face painting a real winner at parties

    Animal face painting seems to be the firm favorite with kids. With cats, tigers and lions leading the pack (Or should it be pride). I know terrible joke please forgive me ;-)

    We have some videos and some step-by-step instructions to help you get started. I would not worry too much about getting it perfect to start with. your kids will still love every minute of it. Chances are you will have to fight with your toddler to wash it off before bedtime.

    Toddler learning activities that are really great FUN

    photograph of little toddler boy in a striped shirt, building blocks displaying the idea of home activities for toddlers

    Where do I start with these toddler learning activities. They cover simply letting your toddler use wooden building blocks to make things. Matching games and shape and color sorting games.

    Toddler jigsaw puzzles are really good way of teaching your child how to figure out shapes and pictures. Why not take a look at out free toddler jigsaw puzzles that you can download for free.

    Then there are kids activities that help develop your child's hand and eye co-ordination skills. The one I like are thread the bobbin and sorting buttons (you will 
    be surprised at how much you can do with simple buttons).

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    Image of big book that has fun craft activities for toddlers. The title of the book is Little Kid Crafts For All Seasons.