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Hi, my name is MJ!

I am an American Sign Language Linguistics graduate and have been teaching parents and other potential teachers for a very long time. I’ve had a long and fulfilling career, helping others learn to communicate with their babies and teaching great people how to follow in my footsteps.

My own road to success was a challenging one, filled with all the expected and unexpected toils of an entrepreneur. In the end every single minute was worth it, because my efforts gave thousands of parents the ability to communicate with their children up to two and three years earlier than they expected!

Every baby that learned to sign was a unique triumph.

If you too want to make a great living in this fulfilling way, this is the right place for you to be.


My 3-part baby sign language workshop gives potential baby sign language teachers all the necessary knowledge they need to get their own business started.

With the use of my experience, which was gathered over decades, you can become a great baby sign teacher NOW with only a fraction of the effort. Take advantage of my deep knowledge, my mistakes and my triumphs to succeed faster than anyone else could do on their own.

What is MJ’s 3-part baby sign language workshop all about?

Even if you have successfully taught one baby how to sign, you have only just discovered a fraction of your full potential. No two babies are the same, not even twins. Learning how to teach different kinds of children takes a lot of imagination, passion and above all good guidance!

With MJ’s 3-part baby sign language workshop you can learn how to guide parents who in turn then will teach their babies how to sign.

This workshop consists of:

1.      The First Class. This is all about getting familiar with the content and the theory behind baby sign language. You’ll get a deeper understanding of the subject and will be able to ask question and get the answers you need.

2.      The Second Class. During the second class you will be taught the actual signs, how to use them best and how to teach them to others. There will be questions and answers (Q&A).

3.      The Third Class. In the third class I’ll show you how to market your services to others. Teaching is only half the job, since you have to convince and draw parents to your classes first. I’ll teach you ten different ways of how to market your business successfully, as I did before you!

As a bonus, each student gets a tape of me teaching the signs, to which you can return for reference when in need.  All these signs are authentic and approved, so you can be sure you’ll be teaching these parents and babies signs that are used all over the US.

What benefits do you get from MJ’s 3-part baby sign language workshop?

There are plenty of reasons why doing this workshop will boost your chances to become a successful baby sign language teacher. Here’s a comprehensive list of the most important ones. You will:

·        Learn from a real professional. My main occupancy is to teach parents and babies, just like you want to do. I have hands on experience in the field. This ensures that you learn from someone who is great at what you want to do, not just some theory teacher. I am where you want to be and I’ll get you there too!

·        Reap the benefits of decades of experience. Nobody is born a pro, but you can take shortcuts in becoming one. It is always best to have an experienced mentor when you are starting this kind of a business and I can be that person for you!

·        Become an expert in marketing your services. Most of us don’t get taught how to advertise our services correctly to others in school and universities. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the most successful marketing methods on your own. I’ll show you all the tricks I learned over all these years. You will get all this knowledge within a couple of hours, instead of wasting years.

It is obvious that these are necessary for everyone who wants to become a successful baby sign language teacher. Getting yourself educated on the subject is always a bonus and taking this knowledge from a pro is the best way to go!

Why is MJ’s 3-part baby sign language workshop so successful?

Doing this workshop will make you a better baby sign language teacher and make you richer. This is a win-win situation you really cannot refuse. This workshop offers:

1.      The cheapest price! Knowledge of this caliber comes in much more expensive packages that usually reach thousands of dollars in this country. You can get all this experience for peanuts. My workshop is dirt cheap, because I care about empowering my students and making them succeed, instead of just taking money.

2.      No risk of failure. You get a free full video of the signs I’ll teach you, so you won’t forget how to become a baby sign language teacher and you can reap the benefits of this workshop for many years to come. You can join now and use this knowledge later, whenever you choose to. You'll also get a video of your workshop.

3.      A great opportunity to help others! There’s nothing like making an honest living by teaching others how to lead happier, more practical lives. Teaching baby sign language is a very fulfilling job, since people will be very thankful to receive your services and you’ll be doing some actual good.

You’ve already made a great choice when you decided to become a baby sign language teacher!

Now it is time to make an even better one. Learn exactly how to become a successful baby sign language teacher NOW. Get:

·        Experience

·        Knowledge

·        Marketing Advice

·        And so much more!

Don’t waste your time and precious effort!

Sign Up for MJ’s 3-part baby sign language workshop NOW!

You won’t regret it!