Kaylee's Baby Signing Experience - Toddler Sign Language

by Kelly Patrick
(Manitoba, Canada)

My daughter is now 15 months old, we have been signing with her since she was 10 months old. Her first sign she learned was "more". We showed it to her a few times and she picked up on it very quickly.

We then showed her "milk" and "thank you" only days apart and again picked it up only a few times showing her.

Since finding this site I now am able to show her more signs, We are now working on "please", "juice" and "bath".

Thank you for having such a wonderful site for parents to teach there children different ways to communicate to each other.

Babies and Sign Team Respond:
Hi Kelly!!

Thank you so much for such an inspiring baby and toddler sign language experience with us all! Every story we receive just makes our (and my) entire day!

It's also wonderful to hear that you enjoy this Baby Sign Language website. If there is anything else we can do for you or your little one, please just let us know!

With best wishes and more delightful signing,

Babies and Sign Team

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