Learning Sign Language from Big Sister

by Grandma Patty

I have two beautiful granddaughters that I am fortunate enough to be able to visit once a month. The oldest is 17 months and the youngest is 6 months. The oldest learned sign language around 8 or 9 months.

Being able to communicate with her has made life so much more enjoyable. There aren't any frustrating temper tantrums, or tears.

She can simply tell us that she wants; a bottle of milk, a nap, or most recently when her ears hurt. It's also a confidence builder when she can share what she is looking at on walks.

As if that is not amazing enough, my youngest granddaughter started to sign this week at 6 months of age!

She holds her little hand out and intensely stares at it while making all kinds of little finger movements. She wants so badly to be like big sister and be able to communicate.

Did I mention that I love being a Grandma!?!

Response from Baby Sign Language Team

Hi Grandma Patty!

Thanks for such an adorable story! Sounds like your grandchildren are picking up Sign Language very quickly and especially to their benefit.

They are also very lucky to have you as their grandma. Especially a grandmother who is so supportive of them learning and using Sign Language so they can share their early experiences with you as well.

Wishing you the best and continued success with communicating with your darling little grandbabies! Thank you very much, again, for sharing such a fantastically cute Baby Sign Language story!

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