Making Life Easier (American Sign Language)

by Cheryl
(Sydney Nova Scotia, Canada)

My son was born with a very rare syndrom, Lawerance Moon Beidle, speech was very impared and his vision was low, I started using sign from age 4 months and he caught on very easily.

It was especially great for him when he went to school, there were time he would get frustrated because other did not understand his speeech, using sign was wonderful for him as he not only taught the teacher and his aid but the other children in his class.

Being a day cay teacher and enhanced home visitor I was able to teach sign to children, moms and their families.

Every year at graduation time I would pick a song and teach the children sign for that song, tears would fill the eyes of the parents.

My son passed away 3 years ago and one of my former day care children signed "Josh Grobin" YOU RAISE ME UP, accompianed by another former student sang at his farewell party.

Besides it being a beautiful language it is universal.

Making people live easier.

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