Mama won't sign

by Kelsey

I'm 10 yrs old and want to teach my baby cousin A.S.L yet I'm not sure if her parents will enforce this.Is it ok for her to just sign with me or is it better for her to sign with her parents 24\7????

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Kids can teach baby signs, too!
by: MJ

Hi Kelsey!

I applaud you for wanting to teach your little cousin ASL.

Have you talked with her parents yet to see how they feel about their daughter learning signs?

If so, have they said that they will also learn the signs, or just have your cousin learn when you are around her?

Depending on her parents wishes/answers, would determine the way you would go.

You can of course show them this site and some of the free signs that they can learn, as well as the terrific and long-lasting benefits of learning baby signing with their infant or toddler.

I'd definitely talk with her parents though and see how they feel about it, and which direction they'd like to take!

If they are for it, sign every chance you get and encourage them to do the same! The more signing exposure your cousin gets, the more she will understand how to use baby sign language.

Thank you for writing, and please let us know how it goes! Would love to know.

Until then - Happy Signing! Your cousin is very lucky to have you.

Signing with Other People's Children
by: Holly

I sign with other people's children all the time. My nieces and nephews ask me how to sign things when the see me. I think it's fine for you to sign to your cousin, as long as your cousin's parents don't ask you not to. Your cousin would probably learn more if the parents signed, too, but isn't a little better than nothing at all?

Have fun with your cousin!

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