Mason the Baby Signer Now toddler signing!

My son, who is 18 months, knows a few signs.

I love how everyone is impressed by it.

When he was 6 months i taught him baby, not knowing if he actually would pick it up.

Soon every time he would see a baby i noticed that he would hold his hands together and shake them back and forth!!

I was SOO very excited he was signing!! So now that he is one and a half, he knows baby, more (which he was just signing because he wants a freeze pop), eat, and thankyou!

I'm hoping to expand by learning more myself.

Also I just wanted to inform parents who are scared that their baby will not pick up words if they teach signs. NOT TRUE!

My Mason says and signs every word he knows. In fact he was just at the doctor the other day and he is very advanced with his speech. They told me normal word span was 3-6 words, my son says almost 20 different names of my close friends and family, that is not including other words.

I'm sure if I counted he probably says close to 50 words, if not more!! So really it's just a plus and until they do pick up fully on the spoken words, it's so much easier to know what your little one wants or needs!!

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