Me and My Jahnavi (Baby Signs)

by shweta kotecha
(bangalore, karantaka, india)

Jahnavi is my daughter's name, I would whole hearted like to thank Ms. M.J. Williams for creating this website. My daughter is 11 mths but is signing, like bye bye, she signs as if as she is talking to some body on PHONE . She will put any thing to her ears and make sounds like aaaaaaa..... as if as who is this?

One more mumumu means wants to eat in our language and make the sign along with it, she will point her finger in the direction she wants to go. She does have her way to make signs too but yes she does watch me when i'm signing to her.

Last month back I showed her some babies crawling on YOUTUBE so that she will crawl and yes within 4 days she was crawling like a pro.

She even understands NO sign too. If I tell her NO she will be watching me. I don't know how good my story is to make me win a DVD but yes it will be great if I win coz still its a long way to go.

But do consider my story as a thank you. Bye good luck for future

shweta K

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