Miracles can happen using Baby Sign Language

by Andraya Brisbin
(Alvarado, TX)

When My daughter Serenity Stephens was born, we found out that she had a liver disease called "Biliary Atresia."

She had to have a liver transplant in October of 2009.

She was having problems breathing so they thought that they might need to put in a trachea put in.

Me and my Husband thought that we should teach her sign language, so we got started right away.

The next day she started to breath all on her own so she didn't need a trachea any more but me and my husband still decided that we still wanted to teach her sign language and now she can tell us what she wants and everything.

She still doesn't say full sentences but we still know what she wants.

My daughter is 18 months old and already she has been through so much. If it wasn't for baby sign language I wouldn't know what she wanted.

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