More Cat!! Baby Signing!

by Kelly
(Montreal, QC, Canada)

My 10 month old son was already signing a few signs, but I was waiting for him to sign "more" because I used it at every meal time and he was able to sign "done."

I felt like I was waiting for ages and suddenly, one dinnertime, he signed "more" and I was so proud.

That evening before bed, we sat on the couch and our cat joined us. He loves the cat and always tries to grab at her.

As usual, I let him touch the cat a little bit and pulled him away after he grabbed her too hard.

This time, instead of screaming in protest, he started frantically signing "more!" "more!" repeatedly.

My husband and I thought it was so cute and funny. We were really impressed to see that he understood how the word works and I'm glad my persistence paid off.

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