More! Please! Signing With Twin Babies

by Karen Callinan
(Toledo, OH USA)

In January I began working as caregiver/fascilitator for a set of twins, born at 24 weeks, January 3, 2009.

At my start, neither twin was mobile, except Gabriella, who had just begun to roll over.

As the weeks went by, I made developmental toys, and did exercises with each girl to increase muscle tone.

We also began signing. Gabriella was good at telling me she was "finished" with her meals, but Hannah was stubborn, and would not sign for me at all.

In April, we celebrated the girls' 'developmental' first birthday.

Each girl was given a cupcake on her highchair tray. as with all babies, more cupcake ended up on the floor than in the girls' mouths. Suddenly everyone was silent as Hannah frantically signed "more"!

She got more!

A few weeks later as I ate a belated lunch, Hannah caught me eating a Kashi baked apple bar. After she begged, I gave her a taste, which prompted cries for another bite.

I asked her to sign "more". Stubborn Hannah refused. "OK," I said, "if you won't ask for more, how about please?" And I signed please as I said the word.

She fussed, I signed, and neither of us would give in. Finally, in 'desperation', Hannah crawled over to me and signed "Please" on me!

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