Mother - New Baby With Autism Using Sign Language

I am a great aunt who got custody of my nephew who is autistic and has been since he's 18 months old, he is now 3 half and I am teaching him how to communicate, he has no verbal what so ever.

I am looking for free signing pictures to teach him, for all my money goes into therapies.

I hope to one day teach another child with autism and can go on to use your products, any easy pictures to start off with would be great.

Thanks mother of a autistic child


Reponse from Baby Sign Language Team:

Hi there,

Thank you very much for writing us here. First, we'd like to say Congratulations on gaining such a lucky child!

We are always so happy to hear from parents such as yourself, who are doing everything possible for their babies and toddlers with autism. Sign language, as you know, can be quite effective in helping out our little ones with successful communication.

For some babies and young children it is even harder when attempting communicating needs to us. When other challenges, such as autism, can add to the struggles, it can get quite overwhelming for all involved.

A baby, toddler, or preschooler with autism can grasp from several to many signing concepts and most even begin to use these signs on his or her own.

Here are some free baby signs that you can begin right away to use with your new little angel:

Free Baby Sign Language Dictionary Photos - Simply click this link

We do have baby sign language posters and charts that you can purchase and place on your baby's bedroom wall or playroom. These are especially designed with both parent(s) and babies in mind, with friendly smiley baby faces illustrating each sign, clearly.

You can get those here (this page may open into its own screen):
Baby Sign Language Posters, Charts, Calendars, and Bumper Stickers - just click here Thank you!

You will also want to see:

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There is also a free newsletter to help parents who are new to autism here: Essential Guide to Autism

The web page (Guide to Autism Newsletter, noted above) used to have a box for the newsletter sign up, which is free. This page now leads to a guide to purchase, however once you scroll down this page for just a few seconds, the Free Essential Autism Guide Newsletter Alert Box will magically appear. Just watch for it! :-)

Hope this helps you, also!

Wishing you the best. We'd love to hear an update if and when you are able to.

Happy Signing!

Baby Sign Language Team,

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