My baby's first sign

by Renee F.
(San Antonio, TX)

I have been working with my baby since birth.

I figured if I started early then I could afford to forget sometimes but I would still be creating a habit. I just did one word... milk.

My baby is 7 months old and started to use the baby sign for milk about two weeks ago. Its really neat!

He uses it whenever he's hungry or is eating and wants more, but its what I wanted.

He can tell me that he is hungry. It is so amazing! Now we are working on a lot of signs and when he is ready, he will use them!

Until then, I am just happy that he is responding. So new parents watching those videos thinking gosh, how long did that take???

Don't worry! Just take it slow, one word at a time. I didn't want to overwhelm myself because I knew I would give up.

Good luck to all!

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