My little princess and her baby signs

by Melissa G
(BC, Canada)

I started with an idea that my daughter needed a way of communicating with us (me, her dad and her 3 brothers :))

And so I began to investigate very early and started investing in dvd's, finding ASL online and your site.

My husband and I began using signing when ever we could, for a drink, eat, puppy, flower, dirty etc.

We also did sign language when we would read books to her. Not only were we teaching our daughter but also ourselves, as none of us knew it before our beautiful little girl.

I began to notice that my sons were also signing to her, so they were learning too. Such an amazing feeling to see them interact with her in such a way.

Soon we started to see her signing back, little signs like drink, eat, book, etc and it just encouraged us more!

Before I knew it she was signing all the time and along with signing she was trying to say the words... which is what we did with her while teaching her.

She is now 2 and she is soooo smart. I believe that all parents believe their children are smart... there is just something about her that I am just in awe of.

She is very articulate, but still if she cannot say the word she will sign it and we know what she needs/wants.

But at just 2 my little girl can sign so many words I cannot count, she can count almost to 10 without help, she knows all of her colors verbally, and she wants to learn to read :) She tries to.

She also picks up words to songs and after only hearing the song a few times can actually sing the tune and say some words in order.

I believe that teaching her sign language so early has made her in tune with herself and has given her confidence.

I am soo happy that my husband and I chose to teach her baby signing. I cannot say for sure that this is what has made her so teachable, but I believe the time and effort we put in early on has and will pay off greatly in the future of her life :)

Thank you so much for the opportunity to make my daughter something amazing! Here's to many many many more years of her showing us just how brilliant she is :)

Yours sincerely,

Melissa G

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