My son Aven speaking his first words

by Tina Brantley
(Nashville, NC, USA)

At the age of 2, my son, Aven, was still not speaking any words, no babbling, nothing.

He started speech therapy after many times of me begging his doctor for a referral.

She started with him showing him how to sign simple things like "more, want, all done, eat." A month later, I was offering him some cookies. Before I would give him a cookie I would ask him if he wanted "more", showing the sign to him.

After the third time, he answered me with his first sign. I started crying and cheering because my son finally "spoke" to me for the first time ever!!

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So Happy For You and Your Son to Communicate Clearly
by: Alyn R.

Tina, what a joyous celebration that must have been! I'm also in tears, but for pure happiness for you and Aven. What a fortunate and blessed being he is and to have you as a Mom who kept trying and didn't give up with the pediatrician.

It's sad that they (doctors) sometimes don't even listen to us parents and our gut feelings! We know our baby better than they do, gutwise. So I'm so happy that you kept on and were very persistent with your ped. WHEW

Hopefully you and Aven have some more signs down by now. Even if not, it's a start already.

Wishing you the best with heaps of blessings,

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