My Son Learned Two Signs In One Day - Toddler Sign Language

by Kris R.
(Sheridan, WY)

My aunt had my son for 2 hours and taught him the signs for more and cookie!

I know absolutely no sighn and I noticed he kept touching his fingers together after I asked if he wanted more milk.

Then later that day he kept touching one finger to the palm of his hand then pointing at the cookie cupboard!

I called my aunt and asked and she told me the low down! I really want to start teaching him this its great! He told me he wanted a cookie with no screaming and tantrums!!

Response from Baby Sign Language Team


Hi Kris!

Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing with us all about your son's progress, and without the tantrums! Isn't baby and toddler signing terrific?

For more benefits that using baby or toddler signing has for your lucky little one, see here:

And for a free baby sign language glossary of the most common words for babies, please click this link.

Thank you again for sharing, and we'd LOVE to hear an update when you've the time!

Best wishes and Happy Signing!

MJ from Babies and Signing Team

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