Natalie's learning

by Tosha
(New York)

My daughter is 14 months and I just started teaching her. She only knows a few but I'm working with her on more. Is it going to be harder to teach her now that she is old? Do you have any tips on how to help her learn it faster?
Natalie's Mommy

Note from Baby Sign Language Team:
Hi Natalie's Lucky Mommy!
Beginning Sign Language at 14 months will not be a problem as some children don't even start to sign until they're approximately 14 months old.

Starting now is always the best time. When she can express three to four signs already on her own, then it will be time to introduce new signs to her to also quickly grasp.

I'd like to suggest that when introducing a new set of signs, be sure to:

1. Teach her a sign concept that will help her get her needs taken care of ASAP. Signs like this would be "help", "hurt", "hungry", "tired", etc.

2. Also within this new signing set, you always want to be sure to introduce and teach a sign that deals with something that Baby already enjoys or shows a lot of interest in. Words like these would be "doggy", "fan", "park", "toy", etc.

3. Another type of sign that will be good for baby to learn are signs that deal with manners and interactions with others. Signs and concepts of these types could be signs such as "please", "thank you", "I love you", "sorry", "share", "be careful", "be gentle", etc.

Honestly, there's not a "faster" way to get your baby to sign no more than there's a faster way to get your infant crawl or walk. All little ones learn and express themselves at their own pace.

But, ways to be sure that Baby will catch on and have fun will be via plenty of repetition, praise, and most important, consistency. This will help you both immensely and soon you will be enjoying more and more delights when your child communicates with you much more clearly at this age.

I hope this helps you and I wish you the best and happiest times during this amazing stage of you and your sweet one's life!

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