Please! With a smile. Baby Sign Language

by Jessica Greene
(Asheville, NC USA)

My daughter Naomi is 15 months, the folks who care for her during the day and I have been teaching her a few words in sign since she was about 6-7 months old.

She learned 'Chicken' very quickly because they have chickens there. It is the cutest thing!! You can ask her 'What does a chicken say?' she does her little fingers and says "Bock Bock!"

This week I have really been able to start seeing her use signs on her own to tell me that she wants to eat. Today the sitter said that she was 'demanding' a drink or something; groaning and whining.

Tammi said "Naomi, that isn't nice, the least you could do is say 'please.'" She said Naomi's whole body language changed, she grinned and did the sign for 'eat please.'

Getting to the point where she is able to communicate on her own is so nice!

She only has five signs that she uses regularly right now; 'Chicken, All Done, Please, Thank-you and Eat.'

For a kid who has only had part-time focus on her signing I feel she is doing well, I am looking forward to seeing what she learns next.

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